Wednesday, December 12, 2012


what a busy time of year!!!

today's business attire....

black v neck sweater from Express, ruffle tank from j. crew, skinny tweed dress pants from Express

i just put in a j. crew factory order.  stay tuned for more awesome outfits!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

december're kidding, right?

i don't know about the rest of the world, but here in dallas, tx, it's been in the mid 70's lately.  absolutely does not feel like christmas time. 

below you will find a picture of my $40 prelit craigslist christmas tree.  small, i know.  2 days after getting it AND completely decorating it, i had to take everything off of it because the bottom half of the lights went out and could not figure out what the problem was.  the lights weren't budging, so what did i do?  i spent hours literally unwinding them and cutting them off of the tree.  then, i redid the tree with all new lights and put all the decorations back on.  grueling.  especially because it shouldn't be hot in my house in december when i'm trying to fully decorate a christmas tree with two little boys begging for my attention every minute.

anyway, it's finally done.  whew!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

aww yeah!

with old navy's stuff and save promo and my rewards points, i just bought my sons $58 worth of merchandise for $0.00!!!!!!  so excited about that.  and about a week ago, i got two awesome memory foam bath mats on a groupon deal for $0.67 with my groupon bucks.  who doesn't love getting awesome deals?!?

blaine started pre-K on monday.  he loves it, which just warms my heart.  he's so excited to tell me what he does everyday, which, so far, consists of play-doh and watching Rudolph. :)  his older bro in first grade doesn't think it's very fair.  lol.

haven't been doing much shopping for me lately, so no cool outfits to post right now.

how's your Christmas shopping coming along?

Monday, November 19, 2012

monday already?

today's outfit.....

polka dot top from j.crew factory
teal pants from target
platform shoes from steve madden
pink shimmer MAC dazzleglass shade "love alert"

here it is again once my new j.crew locket i got for my bday (thanks, sis!) and my new juicy couture handbag arrived in the mail today....

and here's some pics of the scottie dog outfit with jeans and black heels instead of black pants and flats...

i think it def looked better for date night!

by the way, i thought Breaking Dawn was pretty good!  the entire theater erupted into cheers several times.  oh, and taylor lautner takes his shirt off again!  no, honey, i wasn't totally just drooling.....did he take his shirt off?  i must've missed it.  ;)


Friday, November 16, 2012

it's a good day in the neighborhood

here's what i threw together from my new haul....

i was running late this morning, so i didn't get to do with it, what i had hoped.  i think this would look alot better with jeans, maybe.  but seeing as how we aren't allowed to wear jeans to work aside from the first friday of every month, i am forced to work with something else.   so here i've paired the scotty dog sweater with the tartan plaid button down and black skimmers as well as leopard cap-toed flats.  all j.crew, of course.  have you seen their most recent catalog?  gah.  it makes me want to go on a mega splurge.  no, mindy.  you can't do that.  you have christmas presents to buy.  ;) 

hayden and blaine are spending the night at grandma's tonight, which means date night for me and hubs to go see breaking dawn.  i canceled my massage beforehand, because there's just no way we would have made it to the movie on time.  but on the good side, i'll have something to look forward to soon. 

hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2012


cheers to being older and wiser today.

got hayden's staples out last night.  just took forevvvvver in the waiting room. 

hubs got me an hour massage for friday and tickets for breaking dawn: part dos afterwards.  pretty amazing, because i can't remember the last time he actually bought me a gift.  wow.   i was supposed to go see it with my sis, but what can you do when your husband finally does something nice?  sorry, sis!  it was totally our thing every year for my bday, but we will just have to make up for it by doing something girly together soon.  like manis or pedis or both! :P

today's casual work outfit....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

j. crew haul

here's my most recent j. crew haul...

novelty sweaters, oh my.  check out this adorable scottie dog sweater with tartan plaid shirt underneath.  can't wait to dress up a pair of jeans with that combo.  needed another pair of black pants, so there's the black skimmers.  and i just love j. crew's polka dot sweaters.  what do you think?

it's muh birfday!

29.  are ya outta yo mind?

i'm over my boss/tooth fiasco from yesterday.  now onto my birfsday.

so, every year grandma tells me happy birthday in the morning when i drop the kids off and gives me some cookies or cupcakes or whatnot to make my day special.  but THIS morning......nothing.  i wasn't expecting anything.  i know they are in a financial bind.  i know it's hard right now.  but she couldn't even bring herself to mutter a happy birthday?  really?  well, alrighty then.

hayden got on purple again yesterday, so now i get to meet with the school to discuss further plans.  hoping he doesn't get kicked out.  especially after JUST getting blaine enrolled.  i keep praying over hayden, talking to him, doing everything the school has asked, but it's not enough.  lord, help us.

sis made me spaghetti at my request for birthday lunch.  yippee!!  and she got me the j. crew locket that i wanted. :) :)  which, btw, i asked my husband for a week ago.  but we all knew he wasn't going to actually order it and surprise me and make me happy, because that would just be too kind.  sis also ran cash for me at work this morning.  she's too good to me!  thanks for always making me feel special, even when no one else does, J!  you're truly the best!

my mom and dad and other sis are pretty special too.  they always reach out to me on my birthday to make me feel loved.  when you have no one else, you have your family.  even though they can be completely nuts, they're the best!

J, God gave me you for the downs (it's an inside thing). :P

happy birthday to me!  purple j. crew skimmer pants and gray leopard flats.  casual and cute.  now, if i could just do something with that drab hair....

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


so my boss saw me toothless today.  he walked in right in the middle of me trying to glue in two of my teeth.  have i mentioned that i cannot wait for nov. 29th?  2 1/2 more weeks.  uggggggghhhh!  i just hope it's finally worth it when i get the veneers put on.

in the meantime, how humiliating??  my boss of all people.  pretty hilarious though.  i ran out so fast, he didn't know what was going on.  all he saw was dentist instruments and poligrip on my desk.

later, he comes to the copier to give me some work to do, and he wouldn't even look at my face. 

happy birthday eve to me.

oh, the sadness

she's moving.  brooklyn, that is.  what does that mean, you ask?  only that my sweet 1st grader's first love is leaving and his heart is broken into a million little pieces.  he has liked brooklyn since kindergarten.  his first crush.  he has even fought for her on the playground.  they are glued to the hip.   the story i've gotten is that over thanksgiving break, she and her family will be moving to padre island.  to paradise.  i asked if he was sure that she didn't just mean a vacation, because really?  who just up and moves from rowlett, tx to padre?  anywho, he seemed 100% certain that he only had 4 more days to see her before he would never see her again.  he said he intends to cry and cry the last day he sees her.  we'll see.  a part of me wonders if brooklyn just THINKS she is moving there. nice.

Monday, November 12, 2012

cold monday

well.  here i am.  at work.  cold.  tired.  sinus headache.  tooth still falling out.  this is the life.

eventful weekend i had.  saturday, helped out at The Friendship House.  while alot of people were helping package up thanksgiving meals for the less fortunate, i got to help reorganize the pantry, check the dates of all the food, stock the pantry.  the boys got to play with their friends from church, but they also helped clean and sanitize the place. 

afterwards, grandma (my mother-in-law) came and picked me and the boys up to go check out her most recent rent house now that it's "staged" with furniture.  oh, how i would love to call that house home.  such a nice house. 

then, it was back to my house to do some MAJOR cleaning.  i am still impressed with what all i accomplished.  i really should have taken before and after pics.  the before was just flat out frightening.  i can't believe i had let it get so bad.  but these things happen when you're constantly busy with things.

oh. my. gosh.  i am so tired.  feel crappy too.  want to go back to bed.  bleh. bleh. bleh.

Friday, November 9, 2012


today, i'm wearing the necklace i won in a giveaway about a week ago.  such vibrance.  i just loves it.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


the anniversary party was a success.  my sis and i ALWAYS say we're going to leave early every time we go to one of these things, buttttttttt that's never the case.  actually, this time, instead of sitting at the "trouble makers" table (the group of folks that just gossip about everyone and have nothing of any essence to say) we sat at our own table.  we had all the important folks come and sit with us and chat and all the others kept glaring our direction wondering what we were laughing about, why the vice president from the bank and the guy from cf & co and the cfo of our company and the head of HR and the entire office manager were sitting at our table.  oh, it was glorious!  a victory for us, for sure.  learned so much about some people we really hadn't known at all. and, for the first time, i don't feel dirty afterwards.  usually, we sit with the accountants and the controller, and all we do is gossip all night about everyone in the office, and i regret every moment the next morning.  but i feel great this morning.  it was a good night.  although i did miss my boys.  :(

boy, am i tired though.  i can only imagine how some of the ones that got toasted last night are gonna feel today.  drinking at office parties.  exactly why i stopped going to these things.  but it was the boss' 20 year, so we felt obligated.  i think he was glad we were there too. ;)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

how cool is this??

check out this incredible giveaway....

this thing is the coolest thing i've seen in a long time.  you can set the temps from your phone before you get home.  and the digital picture display is phenomenal.

whatever wednesday

this evening is the anniversary party at kirby's for kenny boy (bossman).  our plan is to leave as early as possible to go home and be with our families.  we'll see.

repainted my nails this cool plum color by essie. too bad my sis hasn't showed me how to do cool stuff on here yet or i'd show you a pic of the color.  hint, hint, J.

not really in such a great mood this morning.

my 7 year old has gotten purple faces (worse than red) the past 2 days at school and his teacher says he may get kicked out of tutoring.  just what he needs.  pffft.  we have him on this all natural pill every day to cope with adhd.  i would NEVER EVER EVERRRR put him on the prescription meds they like to give our kids these days.  but the natural pill does seem to be working.  we have him taking grape seed extract each day as well.  i know how sensitive his little body is to medication, though, so i think the antibiotic he's on for his staples is causing him to be more hyper and less patient.

the 4 year old has been going through a rebellious phase for about a week, and it's getting exhausting.  perfect timing.  right before he starts pre-K.

husband starts hanging christmas lights today, but the guy who was supposed to help him suddenly won't answer his phone.

just a bunch of bologna.

still, i'm blessed.  i'm thankful for what i have.  i know God is working in my life to make some positive changes. 

sorry.  not much of a sense of humor this morning.  just needed to get some things off my chest.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

whoo hoo

guess what??  i finally won something!  i can no longer say, "ugh.  i never win anything,"  while my sister constantly gets prizes in the mail.  i won a beautiful j. crew bubble necklace.  so awesome.

went to dentist again yesterday afternoon.  cemented it back on.  grinded teeth in middle of night, and it came off again.  but she sent me home with some of their instruments and temp cement, because i told her i can't just keep taking off of work to get this taken care of.  c'mon nov. 29th. 

i'd tell ya something else cool i did, but then i'd have to kill ya.  can't let people in on my secrets to get rich, ya know.  mwah haha.

anywho....i'm the clown who came to town to sign your yearbook upside down.

brown chicken brown cow.

here a moo, there a moo, everywhere a moo, moo.

that's all i got, folks.

Monday, November 5, 2012

remember. remember. the 5th of november.

what a weekend.  my 7 year old son fell off the ladder of his bunkbed and hit his head on the corner edge of his dresser saturday night, so i got to take him to CareNow for 4 staples in the back of his noggin.  he was really brave when they gave him shots to numb the area first.  owwie!  every time he sees someone, he makes sure to tell them he has staples in the back of his head right off the bat.  proud of his battle wounds.  :)

let's see.  what else is going on.  oh, i'm thinking of giving my temporary veneers their own blog, since they have been such a topic lately.  i have another one that just won't stay on, so looks like i'll be going back to see if they can fix it.  i feel like i'm in some sick relationship with the dentist's office lately, and i just want it to be over.  november 29th is my new date to have my permanent teeth put in place.  that's after my birthday and after thanksgiving.  but what can ya do?

sis thinks she's getting ill.  perfect timing!  we have our quarterly anniversary party wednesday evening, and it's the boss man's 20 years, so it's kinda important that i go.  if i have to go alone, i will, but i'd rather not.

i have a pumpkin bread kit that sis bought me bout a week ago.  wish i would just make the dang bread already.  i want it.  i just don't want to make it, i guess.  lol. 

happy moment.  opened letter from state farm this morning notifying me that they have decreased my premium by $70.  perfect!  i'm saving 70 bucks (it's from a Qubo commercial, and unless you're a mom with a little one, you wouldn't understand).  really, i am ecstatic about this because for the last year, i've been getting loads of notices saying they are increasing my rate, so the decrease is a pleasant surprise. 

and Express sent me $40 in birthday money to spend.  yippee!

it's monday funday!  just kidding.  i hate mondays.

Friday, November 2, 2012

jean friday

jean friday.  basically, we are all allowed to wear jeans on the first friday of every month.  that's 12 days a year.  even though some folks try to pull off wearing jeans on regular work days anyway.

mmm...this bagel is delicious.  plain with 45 cals per wedge laughing cow cheese.  currently waiting on my coffee to cool off so i can get my caffeine fix for the morning.

something i learned last night while watching the cma's ....  i have a huge crush on hunter hayes!!  how old is that kid?  oh well.  i want to marry him.  mindy hayes....has a nice ring. 

now time to listen to biz markie's "just a friend,"  because i can't get that song out of my pwetty wittle head.


made it til about 9:30 before even seeing a coworker today.  quite an accomplishment.


oh yay.  one of my new temporary veneers just broke off and won't stay in place. 

dentist appt at 2 again to have a new one made and cemented on.  this is so tiring.  at first she said monday morning.  you want me to stay at work the rest of the day plus go all weekend with no dang tooth???  no.  oh what's that?  you can fit me in today?  great.  BECAUSE I WAS GONNA SHOW UP TODAY ANYWAY!  just gimme some cement, and i'll put the dang thing on myself.  they're lucky i really like them!  i do.  the dentist is awesome.  the dental assistant is really good.  but man these temporary veneers are gonna be the death of me.

fridays are really busy at my office, so it totally sucks that i have to leave early to get this taken care of.  boss will probably get here in a little while and have all sorts of stuff he needs done.  sorry, sis.  you know i cover your butt when you aren't here too.  and you don't want me to be toothless, do ya?

haha.  i love looking outside at work and seeing the funny ways people jog on the katy trail.  look at those arms flailing.  you're a guy.  that's not how you should run.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

just my luck

i only thought my misery would be over in regards to my teeth.  turns out the permanent veneers were not perfect, so they are sending them back to make sure i am completely satisfied with my new teefers.  that's cool, i guess.  just sucks having to wear temps for another couple weeks.  not to mention, crystal, the dental assistant, accidentally dug into my gum when she was trying to remove some of the excess cement from my new set of temps.  boy, did that hurt!  owwie.  she gave me an 800 milligram ibuprofen, though, so that was nice.

off to trick-or-treating.  my 2 angry birds were precious.  so fun.  the neighbors said they could see us coming from the other end of the street because of all of our glow accessories (glow axes, glow swords, glow bracelets, necklaces, etc.).  lots of candy. 

november 1st.  just a couple weeks til bday number 29.  dat sh*t cray.  seriously, where has this year gone?  blaine is about to be in pre-k in a matter of days.  yay for him getting to be around more kids.  he's going to do great.  he's so stinkin smart and loves to socialize.  he'll get to see what bub's been doing these past couple of years while he's stuck at home.  it will be for the best.

well, time to catch up on all this work from having to leave the office early yesterday.  coworkers are already emailing, asking about stuff.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


not liking today so much.  computer had to be wiped clean after someone hacked into one of my banking sites i use for work last week.  today, i get a new one, which is always torture.  have to reinstall everything.  nothing ever works the same.  have to keep calling IT for assistance.  meanwhile, boss is hounding me to get transfers done, check balances, etc. and getting impatient even though he knows i have to get my computer up and running.  and i'm getting behind because i can't get work done while they're getting my computer all fixed up.

then, there's the dentist appt at 2.  permanent veneers being put on.  but gonna have to argue over a large payment i made and they show no record of, apparently.  don't remember what card i put it on and it was over a year ago, so none of my account activity for bank account or credit cards will let me research online.  which means having to call them each one by one to see if they can find it.  up yours, dentist.  i'll get to it when i get to it.  i have more important things lately, like "The New Girl" and "The Mindy Project."  oh, and painting my nails, and homework with hayden, and trick-or-treating tonight. 

the trick-or-treating.  the kids staying up past their bedtimes.  eating loads of candy.  the crankiness tomorrow morning.  the red face hayden will likely bring home from school tomorrow.  oh, joy.

got on the elevator with a guy with a cake this morning.  guess his floor is having a halloween party.  what's up with that, westdale?  where's our party?  the birthday celebration yesterday does not count.  we do that every quarter.  and it's dumb.  i don't want you guys to sing happy birthday to me.  or anyone else for that matter.  i'd happily accept a gift card to jimmy john's or jersey mike's, though.  where's my gift card?

on with my day.  without my computer working properly.  check you guys later...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

it totally happened

so a couple of weeks ago i got the courage to finally go to the dentist and get my teeth fixed and veneers put on that i paid for over a year ago.  just been too chicken to get the actual work done.  well, right now, i only have temporary veneers until they put the permanent ones on tomorrow.  happy halloween to me.  anywho, the temps keep falling off as there is no longer any cement keeping them in place. 
usually they fall off as i'm chewing, brushing teeth, etc.  the front two are bonded together, so it's actually two teeth that seem to keep falling out.  this morning, though, they didn't just fall out.  they flewww out.  in my car.  on my way to work.  i sneezed, and they flung right at my steering wheel and bounced off.  using my tongue to feel the short nubs that were left of my real teeth, i started to panic.  i can't be seen like this.  i can't go to work like this.  do i pull over now and search for them?  do i hope i can find them once i pull into my parking spot at work?  i speed.  maybe if i get there faster, i can find them faster.  get outta my way people.  i lost my teeth!  dang.  another red light.  hmm.  where could those veneers have gone?  oh, looky.  they're right here in my seat.  yay!!  i have my teeth back.  darn.  guess i have no excuse not to work now.  oh well.  i'll be happy to see the dentist tomorrow and get my permanent ones cemented on.  except then i can't freak out my sis by taking them out at random times during the day.

happy tuesday, folks.

Friday, October 26, 2012

friday without sis

it's a chilly day.  friday.  no sister at work to chat with and make the time go by.  boss is being needy.  just ate a can of pinto beans for lunch, followed with some croutons and a bag of m & m's.  had 4 cups of cocoa today and a cup of green tea.  about to take a second dose of nyquil.  oh, let's not forget the sunflower seeds i gulped down and then sneezed all over my desk.  this is real life, people.  you can't just make this stuff up.

today, i've chosen to wear my j. crew charley sweater in leopard with a black button up dress shirt underneath.  pair with melon colored j. crew winnie pants.  wrist is adorned with j. crew clear jeweled bracelets set in antique gold.  coordinated necklace.   black almond-toed pumps and hair in a casual pony.

all that beautiful taste only to be completely wasted because i decided to paint my fingernails red last night.  does red match melon?  no.  but i had already decided to wear this outfit today, so here i am in all my mismatchiness.

i work in a glass building.  these are basically one-way mirrored windows.  i just saw you pick your butt before you helped get your girlfriend, wife, adultress out of your bmw.

this is my blog.  you just wasted a couple minutes of your life reading it.  for that, thanks.

Friday, March 9, 2012

sweater controversy

this morning, my sister asks me, "should i wear the purple sweater or the teal one i have on?" the answer was simple. the teal one. why? because the purple sweater was cable knit. the teal one...merino. one should only wear cable knit if they are quite slim and don't mind adding 10 pounds to their frame.

and that is my fashion advice for the day.

happy friday to my sis, who is the only follower i have so far! :P

Thursday, March 8, 2012


feeling pretty yucky today. sore throat and rainy day in dallas. how lovely.

Friday, February 17, 2012


This is a test post.

Hi, my name is Mendy, and I'm a shopaholic. I enter every contest I can. I take all the surveys sent to me.

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