Wednesday, October 31, 2012


not liking today so much.  computer had to be wiped clean after someone hacked into one of my banking sites i use for work last week.  today, i get a new one, which is always torture.  have to reinstall everything.  nothing ever works the same.  have to keep calling IT for assistance.  meanwhile, boss is hounding me to get transfers done, check balances, etc. and getting impatient even though he knows i have to get my computer up and running.  and i'm getting behind because i can't get work done while they're getting my computer all fixed up.

then, there's the dentist appt at 2.  permanent veneers being put on.  but gonna have to argue over a large payment i made and they show no record of, apparently.  don't remember what card i put it on and it was over a year ago, so none of my account activity for bank account or credit cards will let me research online.  which means having to call them each one by one to see if they can find it.  up yours, dentist.  i'll get to it when i get to it.  i have more important things lately, like "The New Girl" and "The Mindy Project."  oh, and painting my nails, and homework with hayden, and trick-or-treating tonight. 

the trick-or-treating.  the kids staying up past their bedtimes.  eating loads of candy.  the crankiness tomorrow morning.  the red face hayden will likely bring home from school tomorrow.  oh, joy.

got on the elevator with a guy with a cake this morning.  guess his floor is having a halloween party.  what's up with that, westdale?  where's our party?  the birthday celebration yesterday does not count.  we do that every quarter.  and it's dumb.  i don't want you guys to sing happy birthday to me.  or anyone else for that matter.  i'd happily accept a gift card to jimmy john's or jersey mike's, though.  where's my gift card?

on with my day.  without my computer working properly.  check you guys later...

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

it totally happened

so a couple of weeks ago i got the courage to finally go to the dentist and get my teeth fixed and veneers put on that i paid for over a year ago.  just been too chicken to get the actual work done.  well, right now, i only have temporary veneers until they put the permanent ones on tomorrow.  happy halloween to me.  anywho, the temps keep falling off as there is no longer any cement keeping them in place. 
usually they fall off as i'm chewing, brushing teeth, etc.  the front two are bonded together, so it's actually two teeth that seem to keep falling out.  this morning, though, they didn't just fall out.  they flewww out.  in my car.  on my way to work.  i sneezed, and they flung right at my steering wheel and bounced off.  using my tongue to feel the short nubs that were left of my real teeth, i started to panic.  i can't be seen like this.  i can't go to work like this.  do i pull over now and search for them?  do i hope i can find them once i pull into my parking spot at work?  i speed.  maybe if i get there faster, i can find them faster.  get outta my way people.  i lost my teeth!  dang.  another red light.  hmm.  where could those veneers have gone?  oh, looky.  they're right here in my seat.  yay!!  i have my teeth back.  darn.  guess i have no excuse not to work now.  oh well.  i'll be happy to see the dentist tomorrow and get my permanent ones cemented on.  except then i can't freak out my sis by taking them out at random times during the day.

happy tuesday, folks.

Friday, October 26, 2012

friday without sis

it's a chilly day.  friday.  no sister at work to chat with and make the time go by.  boss is being needy.  just ate a can of pinto beans for lunch, followed with some croutons and a bag of m & m's.  had 4 cups of cocoa today and a cup of green tea.  about to take a second dose of nyquil.  oh, let's not forget the sunflower seeds i gulped down and then sneezed all over my desk.  this is real life, people.  you can't just make this stuff up.

today, i've chosen to wear my j. crew charley sweater in leopard with a black button up dress shirt underneath.  pair with melon colored j. crew winnie pants.  wrist is adorned with j. crew clear jeweled bracelets set in antique gold.  coordinated necklace.   black almond-toed pumps and hair in a casual pony.

all that beautiful taste only to be completely wasted because i decided to paint my fingernails red last night.  does red match melon?  no.  but i had already decided to wear this outfit today, so here i am in all my mismatchiness.

i work in a glass building.  these are basically one-way mirrored windows.  i just saw you pick your butt before you helped get your girlfriend, wife, adultress out of your bmw.

this is my blog.  you just wasted a couple minutes of your life reading it.  for that, thanks.
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