Monday, November 5, 2012

remember. remember. the 5th of november.

what a weekend.  my 7 year old son fell off the ladder of his bunkbed and hit his head on the corner edge of his dresser saturday night, so i got to take him to CareNow for 4 staples in the back of his noggin.  he was really brave when they gave him shots to numb the area first.  owwie!  every time he sees someone, he makes sure to tell them he has staples in the back of his head right off the bat.  proud of his battle wounds.  :)

let's see.  what else is going on.  oh, i'm thinking of giving my temporary veneers their own blog, since they have been such a topic lately.  i have another one that just won't stay on, so looks like i'll be going back to see if they can fix it.  i feel like i'm in some sick relationship with the dentist's office lately, and i just want it to be over.  november 29th is my new date to have my permanent teeth put in place.  that's after my birthday and after thanksgiving.  but what can ya do?

sis thinks she's getting ill.  perfect timing!  we have our quarterly anniversary party wednesday evening, and it's the boss man's 20 years, so it's kinda important that i go.  if i have to go alone, i will, but i'd rather not.

i have a pumpkin bread kit that sis bought me bout a week ago.  wish i would just make the dang bread already.  i want it.  i just don't want to make it, i guess.  lol. 

happy moment.  opened letter from state farm this morning notifying me that they have decreased my premium by $70.  perfect!  i'm saving 70 bucks (it's from a Qubo commercial, and unless you're a mom with a little one, you wouldn't understand).  really, i am ecstatic about this because for the last year, i've been getting loads of notices saying they are increasing my rate, so the decrease is a pleasant surprise. 

and Express sent me $40 in birthday money to spend.  yippee!

it's monday funday!  just kidding.  i hate mondays.

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