Monday, November 19, 2012

monday already?

today's outfit.....

polka dot top from j.crew factory
teal pants from target
platform shoes from steve madden
pink shimmer MAC dazzleglass shade "love alert"

here it is again once my new j.crew locket i got for my bday (thanks, sis!) and my new juicy couture handbag arrived in the mail today....

and here's some pics of the scottie dog outfit with jeans and black heels instead of black pants and flats...

i think it def looked better for date night!

by the way, i thought Breaking Dawn was pretty good!  the entire theater erupted into cheers several times.  oh, and taylor lautner takes his shirt off again!  no, honey, i wasn't totally just drooling.....did he take his shirt off?  i must've missed it.  ;)



  1. Cute. That last pose in the polka dot top makes you look really young. :P


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