Thursday, November 8, 2012


the anniversary party was a success.  my sis and i ALWAYS say we're going to leave early every time we go to one of these things, buttttttttt that's never the case.  actually, this time, instead of sitting at the "trouble makers" table (the group of folks that just gossip about everyone and have nothing of any essence to say) we sat at our own table.  we had all the important folks come and sit with us and chat and all the others kept glaring our direction wondering what we were laughing about, why the vice president from the bank and the guy from cf & co and the cfo of our company and the head of HR and the entire office manager were sitting at our table.  oh, it was glorious!  a victory for us, for sure.  learned so much about some people we really hadn't known at all. and, for the first time, i don't feel dirty afterwards.  usually, we sit with the accountants and the controller, and all we do is gossip all night about everyone in the office, and i regret every moment the next morning.  but i feel great this morning.  it was a good night.  although i did miss my boys.  :(

boy, am i tired though.  i can only imagine how some of the ones that got toasted last night are gonna feel today.  drinking at office parties.  exactly why i stopped going to these things.  but it was the boss' 20 year, so we felt obligated.  i think he was glad we were there too. ;)

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  1. I think he was glad, too. :) We did better, but not great. At least we won't have to go to one for awhile.


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