Wednesday, October 31, 2012


not liking today so much.  computer had to be wiped clean after someone hacked into one of my banking sites i use for work last week.  today, i get a new one, which is always torture.  have to reinstall everything.  nothing ever works the same.  have to keep calling IT for assistance.  meanwhile, boss is hounding me to get transfers done, check balances, etc. and getting impatient even though he knows i have to get my computer up and running.  and i'm getting behind because i can't get work done while they're getting my computer all fixed up.

then, there's the dentist appt at 2.  permanent veneers being put on.  but gonna have to argue over a large payment i made and they show no record of, apparently.  don't remember what card i put it on and it was over a year ago, so none of my account activity for bank account or credit cards will let me research online.  which means having to call them each one by one to see if they can find it.  up yours, dentist.  i'll get to it when i get to it.  i have more important things lately, like "The New Girl" and "The Mindy Project."  oh, and painting my nails, and homework with hayden, and trick-or-treating tonight. 

the trick-or-treating.  the kids staying up past their bedtimes.  eating loads of candy.  the crankiness tomorrow morning.  the red face hayden will likely bring home from school tomorrow.  oh, joy.

got on the elevator with a guy with a cake this morning.  guess his floor is having a halloween party.  what's up with that, westdale?  where's our party?  the birthday celebration yesterday does not count.  we do that every quarter.  and it's dumb.  i don't want you guys to sing happy birthday to me.  or anyone else for that matter.  i'd happily accept a gift card to jimmy john's or jersey mike's, though.  where's my gift card?

on with my day.  without my computer working properly.  check you guys later...

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  1. Cheer up, buttercup! The week is 1/2 over. And you don't like cake, anyway. :) I still think I might not take Katie to go trick or treating...especially if it's chilly. I'm already feeling a cold coming on from being outside on Saturday night. Bleh.


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