Friday, November 2, 2012

jean friday

jean friday.  basically, we are all allowed to wear jeans on the first friday of every month.  that's 12 days a year.  even though some folks try to pull off wearing jeans on regular work days anyway.

mmm...this bagel is delicious.  plain with 45 cals per wedge laughing cow cheese.  currently waiting on my coffee to cool off so i can get my caffeine fix for the morning.

something i learned last night while watching the cma's ....  i have a huge crush on hunter hayes!!  how old is that kid?  oh well.  i want to marry him.  mindy hayes....has a nice ring. 

now time to listen to biz markie's "just a friend,"  because i can't get that song out of my pwetty wittle head.


made it til about 9:30 before even seeing a coworker today.  quite an accomplishment.


oh yay.  one of my new temporary veneers just broke off and won't stay in place. 

dentist appt at 2 again to have a new one made and cemented on.  this is so tiring.  at first she said monday morning.  you want me to stay at work the rest of the day plus go all weekend with no dang tooth???  no.  oh what's that?  you can fit me in today?  great.  BECAUSE I WAS GONNA SHOW UP TODAY ANYWAY!  just gimme some cement, and i'll put the dang thing on myself.  they're lucky i really like them!  i do.  the dentist is awesome.  the dental assistant is really good.  but man these temporary veneers are gonna be the death of me.

fridays are really busy at my office, so it totally sucks that i have to leave early to get this taken care of.  boss will probably get here in a little while and have all sorts of stuff he needs done.  sorry, sis.  you know i cover your butt when you aren't here too.  and you don't want me to be toothless, do ya?

haha.  i love looking outside at work and seeing the funny ways people jog on the katy trail.  look at those arms flailing.  you're a guy.  that's not how you should run.


  1. "You're a guy. That's not how you should run." Classic M. You better be glad I lurve you, taking off early on a Friday and leaving me to fend for myself. You also better hope I get a book in the mail to make me smile.

  2. um. you always get books in the mail. i'm sure you'll get one today too.


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