Thursday, November 1, 2012

just my luck

i only thought my misery would be over in regards to my teeth.  turns out the permanent veneers were not perfect, so they are sending them back to make sure i am completely satisfied with my new teefers.  that's cool, i guess.  just sucks having to wear temps for another couple weeks.  not to mention, crystal, the dental assistant, accidentally dug into my gum when she was trying to remove some of the excess cement from my new set of temps.  boy, did that hurt!  owwie.  she gave me an 800 milligram ibuprofen, though, so that was nice.

off to trick-or-treating.  my 2 angry birds were precious.  so fun.  the neighbors said they could see us coming from the other end of the street because of all of our glow accessories (glow axes, glow swords, glow bracelets, necklaces, etc.).  lots of candy. 

november 1st.  just a couple weeks til bday number 29.  dat sh*t cray.  seriously, where has this year gone?  blaine is about to be in pre-k in a matter of days.  yay for him getting to be around more kids.  he's going to do great.  he's so stinkin smart and loves to socialize.  he'll get to see what bub's been doing these past couple of years while he's stuck at home.  it will be for the best.

well, time to catch up on all this work from having to leave the office early yesterday.  coworkers are already emailing, asking about stuff.

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  1. He's starting pre-K in days? I thought you were waiting until January. That's weird. :P


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