Wednesday, November 14, 2012

it's muh birfday!

29.  are ya outta yo mind?

i'm over my boss/tooth fiasco from yesterday.  now onto my birfsday.

so, every year grandma tells me happy birthday in the morning when i drop the kids off and gives me some cookies or cupcakes or whatnot to make my day special.  but THIS morning......nothing.  i wasn't expecting anything.  i know they are in a financial bind.  i know it's hard right now.  but she couldn't even bring herself to mutter a happy birthday?  really?  well, alrighty then.

hayden got on purple again yesterday, so now i get to meet with the school to discuss further plans.  hoping he doesn't get kicked out.  especially after JUST getting blaine enrolled.  i keep praying over hayden, talking to him, doing everything the school has asked, but it's not enough.  lord, help us.

sis made me spaghetti at my request for birthday lunch.  yippee!!  and she got me the j. crew locket that i wanted. :) :)  which, btw, i asked my husband for a week ago.  but we all knew he wasn't going to actually order it and surprise me and make me happy, because that would just be too kind.  sis also ran cash for me at work this morning.  she's too good to me!  thanks for always making me feel special, even when no one else does, J!  you're truly the best!

my mom and dad and other sis are pretty special too.  they always reach out to me on my birthday to make me feel loved.  when you have no one else, you have your family.  even though they can be completely nuts, they're the best!

J, God gave me you for the downs (it's an inside thing). :P

happy birthday to me!  purple j. crew skimmer pants and gray leopard flats.  casual and cute.  now, if i could just do something with that drab hair....

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  1. God totally gave me you for the downs. :P Happy 29th birthday, sis! I know you're feeling down, but that's what I'm here for, right? :) Love you and hope you have a great rest of your day!


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